Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The worst holiday ever

Good morning pals,
How's your holiday? Hope you have a great holiday. How about mine? My holiday sucks haha-_- Just stay at home, sleep, eat, watch movies, tweeting, youtube-ing, blogging, read magazine but still bored as always. Honestly I miss school, I miss my friends :|

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quality time

Good afternoon everyone,
Last night, tonight and tomorrow night, me and my friends will be waitress on my Banjar's bazar haha. I'm glad that my nights will not be bored, at least for the next day. Because in our bazaar, we not only became a waiter but we also have fun together, yeah! We're all family and I love them so much!

left to right: nyla, me, ayuk

p.s: There we're all take some pict but using my cousin's camera so I don't have any good pict :(

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yesung facts!♥

Annyeong haseo,
Now I'll post all about Yesung oppa! I'll also post 100 facts about Yesung!
Let's cek it out B

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yes, you're right. I don't understand

Sometimes I feel life is unfair. I envied other people who can always look happy, can always get anything they want. I know there's always someone over there who is unluckier than me, and I should be more grateful. But I just don't know why, I also want to be like those who always looks happy and can get anything they want. haha now I'm impressed very selfish and greedy, right?-_-

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yeah I got you, Maicih!!!

"I am the lucky one with this thing."

Hi pal, today I was hunting Maicih with my girl Ratih Kirana. Do you know Maicih? Maicih is cassava chips which have high levels of spiciness. These chips are being exist among teens and adult. WOW. These chips are also favored because of the way to get it is not easy, is not sold freely. So you could say, it's still scarce. But at least me & Ratih can got it! lol.

Be a babysitter

Hi pal, this is my beloved nephew named Rama Nanda. Yesterday I became a babysitter for him. He deposited in my house when his mother was away at work. and I spent my whole day with him like a babysitter. But I am not alone, with my mother as well. And it lets me know if be a babysitter is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. I get so tired. But it's doesn't matter for me haha B)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hell-o holiday

hell-o guys!
yeah finally it's holiday! the moments that i've long been waiting for. but guess what?? i have no idea what should i do during the holidays-_-there's 5 weeks and i hope it will be a wonderful holiday. amin.
oh yea, i'm very grateful to God bcs i had good scores in my rapor and i can get IPA class without matrikulasi yeah! :D
okaay just that. and happy holiday to yall guys!xoxo

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day in the school

Hai pal, actually i have no idea about what i posting-_-so i'll just share some photos with my friends in the school yesterday. take a look ya..

left to right: arik, ratih, mang trik, me, indah
left to right: suci, arik, ratih, me, mang trik

Mr. Right

White horse

Helaw guys, i wanna tell you about one of the song i currently listening to. it's White Horse, by Taylor Swift. and i'm so fallin in love for this song for sure

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love my best friends

Hi pal, this is the one of the most beautiful week i ever had, after the exam passed. when in the school we just held something we call "jeda sekolah". when we don't have to learn in the school and we can go home quickly. yeah! freedom!! so wonderful, right? but i also nervous about the scores i'll get in my rapor. i just wish my ranking isn't down and i can get IPA class. amin.

so now let i tell ya about what i've done with my best friends. yeah we've done so many things together. every activity at school was over, i didn't immediately return home, but hangout with my best friends to wherever the wind takes us. lol.
but.. ah! i just cant explain to yall one by one (-_-) but the point is we have a lot of fun together

Coffee Forecast

Last Saturday, me and Ratih Kirana came to V Coffee Shop. in there we are do many things like lunch, take some photos, and many more. but the most impressive thing we've done is forecast. yeah forecast! the forecasters there, predicted our future by using a cup of coffee and tarot card. that's so fun knowing how you may be in the future, right? (ʃ⌣ƪ)
and there's some photos... let's cekidot!

I'm Back

Hello guys! long time no post and i really miss my blog. from few days ago i've a lot of fun with my best friends when we are spending our time together. so i have no time to update my blog. but at least, now i can posting something again. and i'll share my photos to yall. so, just check it out!