Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello, May!

Hi everyoneee, it's May already! Time just flies so fast, rite? Haha that's mean soon is my birthday *wink*. By the way, finally I can reach my blog again after almost three months. So how r u, guys? 
I was so busy because a bunch of school duties and activities. Just now, I'm still busy preparing for the MKB event which will be held three days away. You know MKB? MKB is abbreviation of Malam Kebangkitan Budaya. And my school had the opportunity to minister it this year. It involves approximately 150 balinese dancers, and we have made ​​preparations for this event for about two months. Gahhh, can't believe we simply have three days left before the performance. I was so nervous I thought. Wish us luck yaaaaaa and wait for my next post! See ya soon guys, xoxo