Sunday, July 8, 2012

Street Wear Fashion Show

On Juli, 1st was held mini fashion show by Bali Fashion Blogger in an Italian Restaurant on Denpasar. This is one of pre-event Bali Fashion Festival 2012. The theme of the mini fashion show is "Street Wear" that followed by 7 Breakthrough Local Brands from Bali: Nassi Goreng Keju, COCRAPARIS, Balikyut, Bemore Fabulous, Bigy Gorjes, Snoadgrass, and UBvintage.

Bazaar, Sunday Market and Garage Sale BFF #1

Hello fellas, I'm back! I'm a little busy lately. Well, I participated in the pre-event of Bali Fashion Festival 2012 that held by Bali Fashion Bloggers: Five Days Bazaar of New & Vintage Goods Sunday Market and Garage Sale at Warung Mama'e. It's such a cool event! And the first day of bazaar was held on June, 24th. I know it's a late posting, as I said, I'm a little busy lately. By the way the second & third day of this bazaar was held on 7&8 July,  just ends today hehe.